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thank you all healthy
from on 5/25/2020
Thank you all my shrimp arrived alive and healthy
from on 9/6/2019
As another review said, they are quite young but quality is good and I really dont mind them being young. With 35 of the numbers alone make up for the age. They're all doing great and all began to eat some shirakura shrimp food immediately when added to the tank. So nice healthy shrimp! Not one doa
good quality + low price = deal
from on 5/9/2018
For my batch, the s-ss grading is correct, but the quality is what stands out (which is a great thing). I’ve seen multiple sellers who had high graded shrimp (approximately the same size) but the colors were mid to low ratings. However, these shrimps were mid+

I’ll recommend this package to others and will also plan on buying more.
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